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PostSubject: Allies   Allies Icon_minitimeThu Aug 09, 2007 9:19 pm


I am Actabar Emperor of my alliance!

Alliance Name: The Departed
Alliance Profile Link: The Departed

Current Allies: None (we are selective)

Why want to ally with Angelic_Hunters?:

" We need to create relations with alliances which share a common vision
and goal, our scouts have been sent to search for an alliance worth trusting and
and helping, though your alliance may outnumber us with members, I believe we can share our cultures and be unified in times of war!

Defeat is a dream of a man with no hope and though our hope has cost us many, we will not be defeated. And I fear that only together our proud alliances will survive!"

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PostSubject: Re: Allies   Allies Icon_minitimeThu Aug 09, 2007 9:55 pm

after talking with the leader

we have to refuse your application, we are now only looking for stronger allies and your alliances wouldnt be bennefical for us


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