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 Potential Unofficial Ally - CCCP

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PostSubject: Potential Unofficial Ally - CCCP   Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:18 am

Alliance Name: CCCP
Alliance Profile Link:
Current Allies: We have several. Our Official Ally's are Dark Tranquility, Legend of Warriors and Imperial Force.
Why want to ally with Angelic_Hunters?: Ah, the real question. I have recently been made the Politburo Chairman of CCCP as VladimirLenin had and has too much going on outside of Dark Tranquility. I and the leadership team I have and continue to build have done quite a lot of work to do an overhaul of CCCP. The next step for us is to strengthen our ties with current allies and find ourselves new ones. In order to do so, I have been on the lookout for potentially good future Unofficial Ally's. AH appears to be just that. Should you agree that such a pact is indeed advantageous for both sides, please contact myself or my Head Diplomat, AssCandy, via DT messaging. I will be contacting the AH leadership account with a similar note as this.

-=Politburo Chairman of CCCP=-
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Potential Unofficial Ally - CCCP
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